photographing fireworks

28 August 2015 - click for larger version

photographing fireworks (with a twist)

presentation: 90 minutes

Fireworks displays are the kind of spectacular event that almost demand to be photographed.

For the last few years I've been running around Melbourne trying to photograph every fireworks display I can find. My technique started out as conventional but then took a turn and now produces an array of bizarre images.

So how do I do it?

In this session I will take you through the basic camera technique for photographing fireworks and then I'll explain my "weirdo" technique and the various creative possibilities it offers.

11 February 2017 - click for larger version Topics covered:

  • finding fireworks to shoot
  • required camera equipment
  • camera settings
  • conventional technique
  • "weirdo" technique

I've done this presentation at:

  • Melbourne Camera Club (2017)
  • Camberwell Camera Club (2018)