light painting for beginnners

outdoor workshop: 2 hours

Photography is all about capturing light but many photographers never get around to experimenting with different light sources. Light painting is all about playing with light in creative ways to conjure images that might seem impossible.

This is a 2-hour 'beginners' session for those who have never done light painting before. We'll run through the basic camera settings and then create some images with different lights and techniques. If you've already done some light painting before and don't need that introduction, just look out for the other "Light Painting" session I run which skips all the basic stuff and gets on with creating images. light spirograph - click for larger version

These topics will be covered in this session:

You will need to bring:

If you are unsure whether your camera or other equipment is suitable, please contact me and I will be able to advise you.

All lighting equipment for the session will be provided and you will not require a flash (popup, speedlight or otherwise). For safety reasons, this session will not involve any use of fire/flames as a light source.

This session is suitable for all skill levels. You do not need to be an expert on how to use your camera - I'll help you dial in all the correct camera settings so that all you have to do is press the shutter button when instructed. light dome - click for larger version

As it is conducted outdoors, you should dress comfortably, especially in winter when it can get chilly, cold or simply bloody freezing. If you would like to get involved in creating the light paintings (and not just photographing them) you will need to wear dark coloured clothing so that you can 'hide' from the cameras.

This session starts at Treasury Building (Spring St) and will return to the same location 2 hours later. The group size for this activity is limited to 10 photographers. The fee for each participant is $20.

This walk is scheduled and organised through my group on the website.

Note: If you think you have seen a lot of amazing light painting photos by me online, you probably haven't. You have found the work of a UK-based photographer who happens to share my name and my passion for photography. If you are interested in the possibilities of light painting, it's well worth checking out his work and I highly recommend buying his instructional digital e-book at his website:

Previous participants have said...

"The session as a whole was great fun. I got some new ideas about light painting techniques and equipment." - Andrew, September 2015