introduction to flash lighting principles

presentation: 60-90 minutes

At first glance, flash lighting appears to break some of the rules of exposing a photo. This session talks about what flash is, why it’s different and introduces a few of the basic tricks that make flash a fascinating creative tool for a photographer.

Topics covered:

  • why use flash?
  • what is a flash light?
  • basic principles of flash: aperture and shutter speed
  • flash and camera sync speed
  • mixing flash and ambient light
  • demonstration of modifying camera aperture
  • demonstration of modifying camera shutter speed
  • demonstration of effect of correct/incorrect sync speed
  • demonstration of blending flash and ambient light

This presentation is structured around a conventional Powerpoint-style series of slides explaining concepts and showing examples.

Interspersed through the presentation are a series of live demonstrations, turning the theory into rock-solid reality.

I’ve done this presentation at:

  • Pakenham Camera Club (2009)
  • Waverley Camera Club (January 2010)
  • Victorian Association of Photographic Societies annual muster (May 2010)
  • Knox Photographic Society (May 2011)
  • Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society (August 2011)
  • Caulfield Photographic Society (September 2011)
  • Frankston Photographic Club (June 2013)
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