If you are asking me to come to your camera club to give one of my presentations, there are a few things I need from you. The list isn’t long as I will bring most of the gear I need (projector, camera, laptop, lighting gear, props, etc).

I need a suitable screen or a plain white wall to project onto, to show either slides from my computer or live images off my camera. I have a projector but I don’t have a portable screen.

For my live demonstrations, I also need enough space for me to move around, place a model and setup 1-2 lighting stands with umbrellas. I have done some of these presentations in small rooms, but it’s difficult and it’s much easier in a medium/large space.

If you can send me a couple of snapshots of the room we’ll be using, that’ll give me a feel for the space for live demonstrations. I like to be prepared.

I will usually arrive 30-60min before the start of the presentation so I can setup the room and my equipment in an appropriate way. Note that I sometimes use unusual seating arrangements so it’s probably best to wait for me to arrive before organising that. I will prefer to use my own digital projector as it has a remote control.

As I tend to move around the room during a presentation, a wireless microphone can be handy. I also find laser pointers useful when referring to images on the screen.

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