daylight portraits by available light

photography walk: 2 hours


With a little knowledge, good portraits can be achieved almost anywhere. In this session, we move between different locations in the CBD and I show you how to use basic principles of lighting and composition to create images.

This session is limited to 5 photographers. No model is provided so photographers will take it in turns stepping in front of the camera.

Photographers will be expected to know the basics of how to use their camera to achieve correct exposure. A working understanding of film speed, shutter speed and aperture will be useful.

The only equipment required will be a camera with a lens that can reach at least 70mm. I’d suggest using a zoom lens to achieve different perspectives but if all you have is a 50mm f1/.8 on a cropped sensor camera, that’s fine. You can leave your tripod, flashes and other lighting gadgets at home. As this session is conducted outdoors, please dress comfortably and if rain is forecast, bring an umbrella.


This walk starts at Southern Cross station and runs for approximately 2 hours. The fee for each participant is $25.

I occasionally run an alternate version of this workshop with an experienced model.

This walk is scheduled and organised through my group on the website.

topics covered:

  • basic portrait photography concepts
  • working with available light
  • using basic reflectors
  • model communication tips
  • tips for composing portraits

previous students said:

“The meetup has been absolutely inspirational, thanks David! My photography scope has just been thumped-open-wide, while i would otherwise have still stuck to the basic if it wasn’t for this. I will definitely see you more in your up coming meetup sessions.” – Paul, January 2018

“Practical, simple, and sensible ideas and advice only an experienced photographer like David can give. Friendly and relax session with minimal participants allowing time for Q&A. Highly recommended!” – Randy, January 2018

“I highly recommend this class. I attended today and the tips and advice I received — although very simple — made a big difference in the way I think of a photo, even before I hold the camera and take a shot.” – Khaled, January 2018

“A fantastic introduction to outdoor available light portraits. David moves quickly beyond the technical to focus on available light considerations and composition. Highly recommended.” – Dan, August 2017

“I had a great day today with David. David knows his stuff and explains it all very well. I feel I am a better photographer after participating in this meetup and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I had a heap of fun.” – Mick, April 2017

“This was my first experience which was a good one and taught me new things about composition and how to use the natural light for photography” – Negar, December 2016

“Thank you David for a great day out learning. Especially how to look for light in Portrait Photography. Really enjoyed the workshop!!” – Swati, July 2016

“An excellent opportunity to learn the basics of portraiture from a master photographer.” – Ilya, July 2016

“A truly rewarding experience. David was very generous with his knowledge and equipment. We learnt how to look for the light using various techniques, what to think about and how to compose our shots, using a frame, leading lines and the rule of thirds. The best $25 I have spent in my photography journey so far.” – Angela, June 2016

“This is the best portrait meet up I’ve been to and David is a amazing professional photographer with extensive knowledge of light & composition. He is really open to share all his knowledge and even showed us model communication tips! I learned so much as a beginner and feel like this session will even benefit some professionals.” – Anna, April 2016

“David did an excellent job of pointing out “gorgeous” light which, of course, is something I had never noticed before today. He was also very willing to give individual attention when anyone was struggling with any concept or required technique.” – Paul, April 2016

“Brilliant, easy-going and informative session. Learned a lot in a very short time :)” – Cam, February 2016

“Great value for money and came away learning some new things” – Heather, February 2016

“Thank you David, for an amazing session!! We learnt excellent techniques today! :)” – Beena, February 2016

“Thanks David! The class was very well structured and interesting, an excellent insight into the light world.” – Federico, February 2016

“Great meet up. Now I know why I took so many crappy photo… LIGHT….” – Anny, February 2016

“Hey Guys, thanks for a great meet up and thanks David for some great insights!” – Rob, February 2016

“Very good” – Dave, February 2016

“David was very generous with his knowledge and time. Will do another workshop.” – Alan, February 2016

“Thank you for a very practical and enjoyable photography workshop session. Great tips and ideas to inspire me to do more with my equipment.” – Daryl, January 2016

“Thanks David. It was a great workshop. So informative, useful and your presentation of the information made it super easy to ‘get’. Look forward to doing another workshop with you.” – Janelle, January 2016

“The most enjoyable photography workshop I’ve been to so far, David was great at sharing concepts around effective lighting in a simple and practical way. I’m motivated to go back out into the laneways and take some more portrait shots!” – Ellen, January 2016

“Thanks again David for the photography class, it was really well laid out.” – Rianne, December 2015

“Another terrific session with David… a patient instructor who is an encyclopaedia of photographic knowledge.” – Judi, September 2015

“Very informative and practical.” – Angelo, September 2015

“What a great day! Def had an aaaahhhh moment. The light bulb always goes on with David. So generous with sharing knowledge!” – Yariet, August 2015

“Thank you David for today’s session… I got to know many things…” – Mallayya, August 2015

“Great session. David is true master of light. A real eye opener. I have definitely been shown how to see the light amongst the shadows. Thanks :)” – Sonny, July 2015

“Have a wonderful time and get a very good insight about light. Thanks David” – Alfred, July 2015

“Had a great time, thank you. You taught me to really see light differently, the subtleties of it and the difference it makes to the shot are wonderful!” – Paula, July 2015

“This was a great meet up, thanks David. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the practical way it was delivered.. !” – Joanne, June 2015

“Very informative and helpful.” – Terry, May 2015

“That was a great meetup. Very friendly and informative. Thanks so much. See you next time.” – Yoav, May 2015

“Nice meetup, good practice of skills, new tips, enjoyed taking pictures.” – Sameer, May 2015

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