model shoot by available light

photography walk: 3 hours

With a little knowledge, good portraits can be achieved almost anywhere. In this session, we move between different locations in the CBD and I show you how to use basic principles of lighting and composition to create images.


This session is limited to 4 photographers and an experienced model is provided. As the model is paid, you will be under no obligation to return photos to the model. Photographers will be welcome to use the photos shot for personal portfolio use only.


Photographers will be expected to know the basics of how to use their camera to achieve correct exposure. A working understanding of film speed, shutter speed and aperture will be useful.

The only equipment required will be a camera with a lens that can reach at least 70mm. I’d suggest using a zoom lens to achieve different perspectives but if all you have is a 50mm f1/.8 on a cropped sensor camera, that’s fine. You can leave your tripod, flashes and other lighting gadgets at home. As this session is conducted outdoors, please dress comfortably and if rain is forecast, bring an umbrella.

This walk is usually scheduled to start around 10am somewhere in the CBD and runs for approximately 3 hours. The fee for each participant is $80.

I also run an alternate version of this session without a model.

This walk is scheduled and organised through my group on the website.

topics covered:

  • basic portrait photography concepts
  • working with available light
  • using basic reflectors
  • model communication tips
  • tips for composing portraits

previous student said:

“An excellent session. Thanks David for providing us with your expert guidance and a truly delightful model.” – Marilyn, August 2014

“Thank you David again for a wonderful workshop. Thank you for all the great tips and creative ideas.” – Kevin, August 2014

“Fantastic! Many thanks to David and Svetlana for a great photo shoot” – Dorothy, August 2014

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