smartphone portraits by available light

photography walk: 2 hours

Is it possible to take interesting portraits with just a smartphone? This session attempts to answer that question.


In this session, photographers make a conscious effort to ditch their fancy cameras and get back to the basics. We move between different locations in the CBD and use basic techniques of lighting and composition to create images. This is minimalist photography with a purpose.

Topics covered:

  • limitations of a smartphone camera
  • working with available light
  • using basic reflectors
  • tips for composing a portrait
  • model communication tips

Why smartphones? Because when you’ve got an expensive and complicated camera in your hands, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about the buttons and technical problems. By choosing a simple camera like a smartphone, you can switch your attention to more fundamental concepts that can be applied to portrait photography using any type of camera.

As no model is provided for this session, photographers will be pairing up to shoot each other.

Any kind of smartphone is welcome but ‘proper’ cameras won’t be permitted for this activity. I usually work with a camera application that allows me to shoot square format images but you are welcome to use whatever camera application you prefer.


Attendees should ensure their smartphone is fully charged beforehand and spare/external batteries should be carried if you have them. As this session is conducted outdoors, please dress comfortably and if rain is forecast, bring an umbrella.

This free walk is usually scheduled to start around 10am somewhere in the CBD and runs for approximately 2 hours. Each walk is limited to 6 photographers.

This walk is scheduled and organised through my group on the website.

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