In addition to my photography, I also run presentations and workshops to teach what I’ve learned about light and lighting.

My teaching ranges from formal presentations before a seated audience (mixing slides and live demonstrations) to one-on-one practical workshops with a photographer and their camera.

I do my best to avoid lots of technical jargon because a photographer needs applied knowledge and not just a head full of theoretical knowledge. I try to build concepts gradually and aim to avoid teaching too much at once. Some of the basic principles I teach can be surprisingly mind-bending at first and it can take a while to feel comfortable with them.

Most of my small workshops are organised through the group “Melbourne Photography Education” on meetup.com. You can also see scheduled dates for upcoming presentations in the ‘events’ section of my Facebook page.

If you are interested in having me present a session at your camera club, just send me an email. You can see my requirements here.

I am available for private one-on-one tutoring upon request.

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